Flood Mitigation Hampton Roads offers a turnkey approach to flood mitigation for both commercial and residential properties. It is our mission to reduce the impact of flooding to lives, property and finances. Working with FEMA-approved products, methodologies, and construction techniques, we strive to make each property 100% compliant by today’s standards in order to make the property more resistant to flooding.

Working with property owners, real estate agents, mortgage bankers, engineering and architectural firms, developers, builders, and flood insurance agents, it is our goal to make sure that properties in flood zones maintain value and marketability. Many times flood insurance can become so expensive in relation to the value of the property that it becomes impossible for some owners to keep the property, sell it or qualify for a mortgage.

Our flood mitigation turnkey approach offers:

  • Project Design & Consultation
  • Strom-related products such as flood vents
  • Project Management
  • NFIP and Insurance paperwork processing

FEMA can justify lower premiums on mitigated property because it lowers their exposure in future storms.

We help home and business owners take advantage of those rules by providing flood mitigation to the property.  In some cases, we have reduced insurance premiums by 80 to 90 percent once our mitigation work was completed and the paperwork was properly filed.

Please call us today if you have any flood mitigation questions.