Government and insurance paperwork seem to always be inundating, confusing, redundant and time consuming. That’s why clients hire us to do it for them. Taking care of the paperwork is included in our turnkey approach (or as an independent service) and has become a routine process that we are very good at, and that our customers appreciate.

We compile documents as your project is designed, planned and implemented so as soon as it is completed we can process the necessary certifications, certificates, pictures, product specifications and applications. This allows you to immediately take advantage of any flood insurance savings, and have peace of mind.

At one time we did not offer this service. After flood mitigation projects, we would follow up with our clients to make sure they were satisfied with our work and to ask if they were experiencing lower flood rates.  We often found that due to the confusion of the paperwork process through the government and the customer’s insurance company – and also procrastination – the customer had not yet completed the necessary documentation. We realized this service was sorely needed to help our clients over the finish line, and it has become one of our most appreciated services.

Please call us today if you have any flood mitigation questions.