Flood Mitigation HR stands apart because of our comprehensive turnkey approach to flood mitigation projects. It is essential that if you are thinking of entering into a flood mitigation project that you have an expert in the field overseeing the work.

At the core of our flood mitigation work is an Elevation Certificate. Interpreting this certificate in relation to the scope of work is imperative to achieving 100% compliance. Property located inside flood zones have many rules and regulations unique to the type of zone in which they are located. The technology for “sector VE” is totally different than “sector AE”. If a project is completed by a company unfamiliar with the FEMA and local flood code, it will fail inspection and have to be redone at the owner’s expense.

Our Certified Floodplain Managers and project management teams are experienced in this working environment.

Please call us today if you have any flood mitigation questions.